February 07, 2015



What a serious political party should have done before the elections would be to present its economic plan both to the electorate and to its creditors, soliciting their views and possible consent.

Most definitely a responsible political party should not mislead voters with fairytales, in order to steal their vote, and then present this vote to creditors as a fait accompli, so as to retrench from former financial agreements.

Before the elections, the SYRIZA government told us that it has a plan (even two). This plan should thus be presented to the europgroup of next week for evaluation. If the plan has merit, “bridge funding” could possibly be discussed.

Unfortunately, such a plan does not exist other than the intentions of the 2% to save the 98% of Europe, showing it the way ahead (sic) towards a “New Europe with Tsipras”.

There is a limit to how much a nation can allow its leaders to ridicule it.

Professor HE Haralambides
Erasmus University Rotterdam
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